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29x12.50-15 Multi Trac C/S

29x12.50-15 Multi Trac C/S
29x12.50-15 Multi Trac C/S


Multi-Trac C/S Tyre is the ideal fitment for turf and mowing applications.  Provides excellent traction with optimised flotation and maintains minimal soil/turf disturbance. 

Catalogue #: 560478   Ply Rating/Load Index: 10
Size: 29x12.50-15   Rolling Circumference: --
Size (English Equiv.): --   Overall Diameter: 29
TT/TL: tubeless   Gross Flat Plate, in2: --
Brand: Carlisle   Loaded Radius: --
Inflation Pressure, PSI: 60   Rim Width: 10
Max Load MPH: 10   Tyre Width: 12.5
Max Load pounds: 2540   Tread Depth 32nds inches: --
Tyre Type: Bias   Weight: 40
Tyre Compound: --   Flange Height: --
Tyre Design: Multi Trac C/S   Star rating: --
Weight in lbs and length in inches unless otherwise stated.

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